Only the very best games

We like to keep right up to date with new games and new expansion packs, so you always get the greatest games. Every game we send out in our crates has a BGG rating higher than 6.0

Customise your crate

Customise your crate using preferences for number of players, game categories, mechanics, and complexity. Choose from a rolling subscription, a pre-paid package or a one-off trial crate.

Build your Wishlists

Tell us which games you’d love to have in your crate and we’ll add those to your crate as a priority when we include the game in our monthly crate. You can also specify games you don’t want too!

Sync your BGG collection

We can download your collection from BGG (or let us know what games you own) to make sure we never send you a game you already have. You can also link your friends collections in too!

Take a look at our recent crates

What’s in the crate – February 2019

February's crates included two absolute belters from Queen Games, notably Merlin and Luxor, as well as the 2018 Spiel des Jahres winner, Azul. Dirk also picked out Colt Express, another Spiel des Jahres winner, and also Jaipur, which came highly … Read More

What’s in the crate – January 2019

We kicked off 2019 with an absolute cannon-blast with a fantastic game we saw in Essen 2017 called A Tale of Pirates. We also managed to bag a lot of Essen 2018 titles including Gingerbread House, Between Two Castles of … Read More

What’s in the crate – December 2018

As we hurtled towards Christmas we had a plan to tick off as many wishlist items as we could for our subscribers - and with the games for December we did just that. Matt Leacocks' recently released new game, Forbidden … Read More

How does Board Game Crate work?

one spot on a dieYou tell us what games you’ve already got and what games you want – by linking your Board Game Geek account or by adding games to your account on our website.

two spots on a dieWe analyse the games you have, using our in-house AI ‘Dirk’, and uncover your most loved board game categories, mechanics and complexity level.

three spots on a dieYou select your crate preferences and we match games, expansion packs and accessories that fit your preferences, and then add them in your crate.

four spots on a diceWe tell you that your Board Game Crate is on its way, and it’s delivered straight to your door, normally around about the middle of each month.


We pick from only the very best games.

What's in a crate?

Each month your crate will be packed with board games, expansion packs or luxury gaming accessories. We’ll keep track of your collection and always send you games and expansions you haven’t got!

The team here are all avid board-gamers so you’re guaranteed to get great games – focusing on award-winning games from well-known and independent publishers. We check to make sure that every game we send out is rated above 6.0 on Board Game Geek. We also check your wishlists and your “Don’t want” lists so that we always send you games you want.

Each crate will include at least two games, normally one full price board or card game, and either an expansion pack for an existing game in your collection or another full price board or card game, as well as accessories and other gaming goodies that we know you can’t be without.

Video courtesy of OnTableTop – Recorded at the UK Games Expo 2018

The latest instragram photos of crate arrivals from #boardgamecrate

Subscription and Pre-Paid Packages

3 Months Pre-paid

  • Non-recurring, one-off payment
  • Save nearly £10 vs. subscription
  • Receive a crate every month for three months
  • Works out at just £38.33 per crate
  • Sit back and enjoy your new games
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6 Months Pre-paid

  • Non-recurring, one-off payment
  • Save over £20 vs. subscription
  • Most popular pre-paid package
  • Works out at just £37.49 per crate
  • Receive new games every month for six months
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12 Months Pre-paid

  • Non-recurring, one-off payment
  • Save over £50 vs. subscription
  • Best value pre-paid package
  • Works out at just £36.67 per crate
  • Receive new games every month for a whole year
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Modern Classics - Starter Pack

Our Modern Classics Starter Pack will help build the beginnings of a fantastic board game collection with some absolute classics. From the award-winning Ticket to Ride to the stunningly beautiful Alhambra this pre-paid sub will give you the ability to explore this brand new world.

Read more about our starter pack

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Updates from BGC Towers

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New Game Complexity stats and options

Last night we switched on the latest addition to our Crate Options page - the ability to select the complexity, aka. weight, of the games you receive in your crate. As with our mechanics and categories options, you also get … Read More

Guest Article: My party game picks for Christmas!

Martin Lockett, from Double L Games, designers of 'Build: A game of international development', takes us through his picks for a wonderful board game filled festive season! A cosy scene of Christmas jumpers; faces reddened by the open fire, laughter … Read More

Pesky Reimplementations

When we pick games for our customers crates we check their existing libraries, to make sure that we don’t pick games they already have. We also check for reimplementations of the same game. For example, Ticket to Ride: Europe is … Read More