It is with great sadness that we must announce that our March 2020 crates will be our last. After almost four years serving the Board Gamers of the world and after over 10,000 crates have been individually picked and packed, we are sadly closing our doors.

We do this with a heavy heart. The retail industry is being squeezed and the board game world is no different. We’re not completely leaving the board game industry though – we’re going to do something different with the system we have written, and Dirk will return later in 2020, but more as a data and analysis service, than the engine behind a retail outlet.

Recurring Subscribers
For all our existing recurring monthly subscribers, we will mark all subscriptions as completed after we have sent the March crates and there should be no further payments taken from your account after the March crates have been completed.

Pre-Paid Customers
For all our pre-paid customers, if you have a subscription which is supposed to run past March 2020 then please get in touch after our March crates have been sent and we will refund you the remaining term of your pre-paid subscription.

Gift Vouchers
If you have recently purchased a gift voucher then please get in touch and we will refund the value of the voucher to you.

Only gift voucher refunds will be processed before the March crates have been sent. All other pre-paid subscription refunds will be processed once our March crates have all left our office.

Our support team will be staying online until mid-April, to deal with any queries on our March crates. You can get in touch with them using the email address

Thank you to all our subscribers, some of whom have been with us since our very first crate. Thank you for trusting us with your board game collection and thank you for the messages and photos of the games you’ve received and the joy you’ve had from receiving a crate every month.

We’ll miss you and we wish you all happy board gaming.

Phil, Amy, Natalie and the rest of the Board Game Crate team.


  1. ColinHarvey

    that’s really sad news, i really enjoyed getting my crate every month and looked forward to it , you guys were really good at checking what i had before selecting for me and only twice did i ever get games i already had and that was not your fault but mine for not updating my BGG list , Best wishes with your future endeavours i wish you all the luck in the world and hope nothing but good things happen in your future

    as an aside if next month is our last could i get 2 bites of the cherry instead of a refund as i only have next month and april still to go and would rather double games than games and a 1 month refund

  2. John Arnold

    REALLY sorry to hear you’re closing up shop. Ruth and I have loved your service and will miss our regular boxes. Thank you for everything and I hope your next endeavor is a success.

  3. Helena

    So sad to hear this news today. My husband and I have amassed a great collection over the last 2 years and loved playing almost every game. We wish you all well for your next ventures.

  4. Thx11283

    I literally just received my first crate, and now I see this. Really sad news. I couldn’t find another service like this that shipped to Europe, and I was really pleased with the first crate.
    I wish you all the best of luck, maybe someday you’ll return.

  5. acpiepgrass

    I’m so sad to hear that you are closing. We have just received our 5th board game crate box and I think it might have been the best yet. We can’t wait to get stuck into our games. Our last crate was scheduled for April. Could we please switch it to March instead of getting a refund?

    I wish you the best of luck in the future and hope that you will return in some form in future as the level of service and dedication has been the best. You have made such a difference to our board game collection and introduced us to a fantastic new world of board games.

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