What’s in the crate – October 2017

October 2017 was a special month for us here at Board Game Crate as it was our 13th crate and our one year birthday! It was also an extra special month as for the first time we sent crates to … Read More

What’s in the crate – August 2017

So many awards and nominations amongst the games included in the August crate. We kick off with Magic Maze, a 2017 Spiel des Jahres nominee. This is a fascinating game and one we love in the office. Then add in … Read More

What’s in the crate – July 2017

Two games from this month's crate have a distinct wizard feel to them. Alchemists and Potion Explosion are both great games that we had enormous amounts of fun playing. Oceanus and Warhammer Quest are also great games. Oceanus is an … Read More

What’s in the crate – June 2017

Abyss 2-4 players 30-60 minutes 14+ 7.3 The Abyss power is once again vacant, so the time has come to get your hands on the throne and its privileges. Use all of your cunning to win or buy votes in … Read More

What’s in the crate – May 2017

We went a little classical for our May crates, by including two games that most board-gamers will have heard of. Carcassonne and Ticket To Ride appeared on our system to be games some people didn't have (okay, so we didn't … Read More

What’s in the crate – April 2017

Our April crate featured not just one, but two previous Spiel des Jahres winners! Dixit won it's crowning award in 2010, along with a whole host of other awards, including the 2009 Lys Grand! Its exceptionally numerous awards have helped … Read More

What’s in the crate – March 2017

Did you miss out on our March crates? If so then not only did you miss a great set of games, you also missed our fantastic bug meeples! All is not lost though, I'm sure they'll come scurrying back soon! … Read More

What’s in the crate – February 2017

We wanted to make February 2017 a special crate month, not just because of Valentines Day but also because we knew we had our first in-crate news sheet ready to rock and roll. Add into the mix the return of the … Read More

What’s in the crate – December 2016

December 2016 was our third crate since we started and it was by far the trickiest to complete - mostly because it was Christmas and we hadn't quite taken into account how quickly supplies of some games would go! Subscribers to the … Read More

What’s in the crate – November 2016

November was our second Board Game Crate and after watching one of the latest episodes of TableTop we knew we had an extra accessory we had to get in the crate. Thankfully we found Maths Gear stocked them and we … Read More