How It Works

A plan for every available shelf space

Don’t worry if you’ve only got space for a couple of games, or if you’ve got an entire collection of games to fill, we’ve got the plan for you. Start off with a trial crate, or set up a monthly recurring subscription which you can cancel at any time. Save some money (nearly £80 over a year!) on the equivalent monthly cost by buying a pre-paid plan, for 3, 6 or 12 months!

Tell us what you’ve got

Connect us to your Board Game Geek account and we’ll download the games you own, as well as those that you’ve previously owned, the games that are on your wishlist and games that you don’t want!

If you haven’t got a Board Game Geek account then don’t worry, you can do this all via the “My Account” pages on our website once you’ve signed up.

Nurture your wishlist!

When we pick games for each crate we first look at everyone’s wishlists and Dirk, our AI, will check to see what’s available with our suppliers. If we choose a game for our crates that’s on your wishlist then you’ll get first dibs!

If you’ve connected us up to your Board Game Geek account then you can specify how closely we look at your wishlist.

What don’t you like?

It’s quick and easy to tell us what games you’d prefer to not receive in your crate. Using the “My Account” area of our website you can add and remove games from your “Don’t Want” collection.

If you’ve connected us up to your BGG account then we can download this as part of your collection, looking at games you’ve marked as “Don’t Want”!

Allow us to introduce you to Dirk!

We use an in-house, self-coded AI for a lot of the board game analysis we do. We call it “Dirk”. Dirk helps us look at the categories and mechanics of games you love, games you want, games you’ve preowned and games you don’t want. Dirk puts this all together in a big blender and advises us of what to put in your crate. We love Dirk, and after it has picked you a few games for your crates we’re sure you’re going to love Dirk too.

Why “Dirk”?

Quite simply, Dirk is a reference to the game Alhambra, one of the games in our collection that we love playing. If you’re only two-players the game’s rules tell you to add a third imaginary player, called Dirk (its own reference to the designer, Dirk Henn). If you’ve ever played Alhambra with two players then you’ll love Dirk too.

We analyse your board game collection

Dirk will walk through your entire collection and analyse the games you have, to discover your most loved categories and mechanics of board games.

Whether you prefer fantasy card-games that feature variable player powers and area control, or family orientated American-West action programming games (that’s Smash-up or Colt Express!), our Dirk will match them all and then tell you your top ten most owned categories and mechanics from your collection.

Customise your crate to how you want it

With our custom crate preference options, you can define how closely we follow your existing library when we select the games for your crate, and we work hard to make sure that you get games that fit those preferences. You can also define the minimum number of players each game has to support so you can be assured of receiving games you can play the moment they arrive.

We make sure the board games allocated to your crate are the best the industry can offer. We won’t fill your crate with nonsense, we make sure they’re games you will love playing again and again.

Add in the extras

Every crate comes with a personalised newsletter including articles written for us by board game journalists, updates on new features on the website and information about your crate and the games in it!

We also add in some dice, meeples or other board game accessories, wrap it all up in a delivery-ready box and send it on its way.

Keeping you informed

Dirk will let you know as soon as we start packing your crate, with a nice email to tell you we’re picking the games and packing them in with your newsletter and extras.

If you’re an international subscriber then a day or so later you’ll get a second email with your tracking link so you can follow your crates progress around the world!

Christmas every month

Then it’s just a case of sitting back and waiting for the crate to arrive. It normally takes 2-4 business days, from when you receive your packing email to your crate being handed to you on your doorstep. International deliveries could be a little longer.

Grab a picture of your crate and your new games and put it up on Instagram to join the #boardgamecrate club!

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Ready to get some great games?

Grab a subscription before the next crate window closes and you could receive great games straight to your door, picked specifically for you by Dirk. Don’t delay, the crate window closes on the 1st day of each month.