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You can manually manage your wishlist from here. Please note, however, that if we are connected to your Board Game Geek account, we only pull data from Board Game Geek, we do not push any changes back to it. So, if you remove a game from your wishlist here, and don’t remove it from your Board Game Geek profile then it will reappear here. Likewise, if you add a game to your wishlist here, it won’t appear on your wishlist on Board Game Geek. The only time this changes is if we send you a game on your wishlist and we mark it on our system as ‘owned’, in which case the ‘own’ status would trump the ‘wishlist’ status.

We will do all we can to send to you games from your wishlist in your crate, but we can’t make any promises for various reasons such as the game might not be in stock or it might not be financially viable to send it to you.

To be able to build your games wishlist you should first purchase a subscription package.
Select from a recurring subscription or prepaid plans for 3, 6 or 12 months.

If you have a subscription package already, please make sure you have signed in.