Last night we switched on the latest addition to our Crate Options page – the ability to select the complexity, aka. weight, of the games you receive in your crate.

As with our mechanics and categories options, you also get to see how the complexity ratings span out over your own board game collection, so you know what we’d be picking from if you chose to align our selections with your collection.

There are also the options to choose specific complexity ranges for your crate, so that you can build your collection with games which are more or less complex than you’re used to.


We’re planning on using the complexity options for the first time, when picking our February 2019 crates, so there’s no need to panic about making your selection. It will be used in a beta format first, which just means that we’re trying it out, to see how it affects our AI, Dirk, when it selects games for your crate. If all goes well then we’ll drop the beta moniker for our March 2019 crates.

Ready to customise your own crate?

Choose the categories and mechanics we match to, as well as the complexity rating and the number of players your new games need to support? Plus, if we can pick a game from your wishlist we’ll do that first!

If you’re a new subscriber, don’t forget to connect us to your Board Game Geek account so that we can download your library, your wishlist games and your “Don’t want” games! (Or add in your games library, don’t want and wishlist games manually) Then we’ll get to work on analysing your collection and providing all the statistics and options you need to customise your crate on our Crate Preferences page.

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