When we pick games for our customers crates we check their existing libraries, to make sure that we don’t pick games they already have. We also check for reimplementations of the same game. For example, Ticket to Ride: Europe is a reimplementation of Ticket To Ride, Gaia Project reimplements Terra Mystica etc.

How to override those rules

You can easily override the Reimplementations rule (and in fact all preferences), by including a game in a wishlist. This means that when we get that game in stock, those with that game on their wishlist will get that game in their crate, before we allocate it to those who’s libraries it matches but isn’t on their wishlist.

(You can manage your wishlist within your My Account pages.)

What about Stained Glass of Sintra?

So now we come to Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra. Normally “Dirk”, our in-house AI, wouldn’t allocate this to anyone with original Azul. This is because Stained Glass of Sintra is considered a “reimplementation” of Azul.

The question is, should we start to override some of these classifications and regard Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra as a completely separate game from Azul? Or is adding the game to a wishlist a good way round the challenge?

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