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A brilliant service, backed up by excellent customer support. We can’t recommend it enough. If you rely on the AI making good choices for you (as we have done) it is important to maintain your collection correctly, either on here or on Boardgamegeek.

Love it! Getting two random games in your crate gets you to try something new (I probably never would have stumbled across these gems myself) and I’ve yet to get a game I don’t like or already own (all thanks to the preference settings and already own list features). The customer service has always been fantastic when I’ve contacted them with queries and I would definitely recommend!

I bought a 3 month subscription for my daughter for Christmas and our first crate was a huge success. We absolutely love both games (Planet and Ars Alchimia). We had never heard of either of them but they have already earned a special place on our games shelf. I was curious if we got value for money so checked how much these two games were selling for on Amazon and we would have to pay £60. We definitely feel like boardgame crate was worth every penny. The whole family is looking forward to the January crate. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into choosing the perfect games.

I got my first box a few days ago containing Photosynthesis (which I was very close to buying anyway!) and Memoarrr. I was really unsure when I saw Memoarrr as I hadn’t heard of it, but after playing it once we ended up playing it three more times straight away!

I’m so happy with the box that I’m even convincing my company to get a subscription for the office!

I just received my first crate from you: I loved the choice of games that I received. THANK YOU for a brilliant idea, brilliantly done, with an awesome sense of humour too. You guys & gals rock, and you’ve brought a smile to my face today. Thank you!

Just wanted to let you know I am well pleased with my first crate. 2 games I would not have bought yet both played and both extremely fun in different ways. Good choices!!

I bought this as a gift and was really impressed with what was received. The small personal touches of having it addressed to Holly and the way it was packed adds so much. We played Tokaido today and I must praise you on the selection, it is a beautiful game and not something I have ever come across before so glad I placed the order.

BoardGameCrate rocks!! I was initially unsure about taking a subscription up as these things are often over advertised and under deliver. I am so glad I took the ‘risk’ and the 3 month block option meant I felt safe doing so. I have not yet been disappointed with a single crate. I’ve had some great major games which have been proud additions to my collection as well as some smaller games that I would not normally have considered and yet have turned out to be fantastic additions also. I now have a fine collection of games that I can grab and go for a quick game when visitors are around and some epics that we can have a ton of fun with. Mysterium and 7 Wonders were considerations of mine, on the maybe list, but after getting them in a crate and playing both I am so glad to have them in the collection. It’s also cool that I can just update my collection on BoardGameGeek and it is picked up by the system so I am confident not to get any dupes. BoardGameCrate has opened my eyes to new possibilities and the Haribo and Meeples are welcome bonuses that have made friends jealous all on their own ;0) Keep up the great work guys and thanks for providing a superb service.

It’s feels like Christmas every month!

Just a quick email to say thank you for your crates so far… Power grid and Camel up from our first crate went down incredibly well around Christmas with my family. Also, thank you for adding Zimby Mojo onto your board game list… that’s a game i really have to sit down at some point and read the instructions for! Thanks again and looking forward to the next crate.

I was so excited to give this to my game-loving boyfriend for Christmas, and the folks at Board Game Crate were wonderful about helping to make sure that my belated purchase made it on time, which was amazing! The box itself was great, some candies to snack on, 3 snazzy mini-dice, and two games – Grifters and Spyfall (I guessed a ‘cops and robbers’ theme!). We, being two people, have spent the past few days enjoying Grifters, and look forward to bringing Spyfall to the local board game night to try out. It was so great to see how excited he was to get the games! We’ve set ourselves up with a subscription now, and are planning to gift a family member with a subscription as well. If you’re looking for new, interesting, high quality games, definitely worth giving this crate subscription a go. We’re looking forward to seeing what we get next month! 😀 Thanks so much!

My box arrived today yay! Both games I knew. Were not ones I would probably have gone out and bought which actually I love about the box! I like that I’m getting games that probably I would have lived far too long without! Just about to play my new games with my family, neighbour and her daughter at our last board game night before I move 500miles away so was a perfect day for it to arrive. Thanks guys and I can’t wait for next months!

Pleasantly surprised with my crate, 2 games (Waggle Dance and One Night Ultimate Vampire) , 2 dice (who doesn’t need more dice) , one zombie and one wereweolf meeple, a small bag of Haribo Starmix (SUGAR!), an ad for another board game and an info card. Considering many mystery boxes like these don’t really fulfil their promise and end up being utter tat, this is excellent! I will be continuing my subscription for another month at least. I only wish I’d known if I uploaded an unboxing video I could have earned a free crate!

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